ecoCEO is an interactive and engaging educational game for the classroom! It increases awareness and transfers knowledge about circular economy strategies and circular business models in a hands-on and fun way.

ecoCEO - it's your business

During the game, players run a company producing electronic goods, such as microchips, smartphones and e-bikes. They need to make decisions on which resource management, production processes and revenue models to apply. By combining different investments, they can improve the performance and profitability of their company. However, unforeseen events can complicate their plans!

The game demonstrates the impact of linear and circular business strategies on the performance of a company and its resilience against external events such as policy measures, market disruptions and availability of resources. It teaches students about the relevance and the opportunities of circular strategies such as recycling, take-back systems, reuse and repair activities and product-service systems.

Higher secondary education (ages 15-18)

Economics, sciences, geography, ethics, multidisciplinary project work


ecoCEO is available in an accessible and easy-to-use online format. The game is web-based and does not require any prior installation.

As a teacher, you can easily create and manage different game sessions in your account. Students simply enter the correct web address and game session code to start playing. They do not need to register or make an account.

Students play in teams of 2, using a laptop or tablet. Smartphones are not supported. Game rules are explained in the game environment and the winner is displayed at the end.

And best of all: it is totally free AND available in +20 languages!

Login as a STUDENT - and fill in your session-ID.

Login as a TEACHER or create your free teacher account.


Flexible set-up,
up to 35 teams can play simultaneously

+20 languages


  • 1 laptop, desktop or tablet per team
  • 1 laptop or desktop for the teacher/facilitator
  • internet access

Supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome 92 or above
  • Microsoft Edge 92 or above
  • Mozzilla FireFox 91 or above
  • Apple Safari 14.1.2 or above

ecoCEO is not designed to be used on smartphones and may not display well.

Students playing in teams

Print & Play

If you prefer to play offline, the ecoCEO cardgame is available in a free print&play format. Download, print and cut the materials in advance and start playing! You will need 1 set of cards per 8 players. Game language is English.

The ecoCEO game can be downloaded at the TEACHING ACTIVITIES page, together with the manual and a teacher’s guide with practical guidelines on how to conduct a workshop 




3-8 players per table


Instruction videos

Learning objectives

The aim of the ecoCEO game is to educate secondary school students on the relevance, roles and opportunities of the circular economy, as well as the challenges arising. The game fosters discussion about sustainable entrepreneurship, resource scarcity, waste management and business strategies.

During the game, players learn:

  • the basic principles of entrepreneurship and company management
  • the difference between linear and circular economy business models
  • the basic concepts and strategies of a circular economy, such as recycling, take-back, reuse, design-for-repair and product-service systems
  • the impact resource scarcity and other external events can have on a company
  • to manage resources, personnel, investments and capital in a simplified company context.

Application in the classroom

ecoCEO introduces circular economy concepts, but also contributes to achieving learning outcomes for a broad range of subjects, including economics, geography, sciences and ethics. Additionally, the game meets many cross-curricular learning goals and is well-suited for a project-based approach.

The game-play learnings can be further enriched by complementing the game with other educational activities that can be downloaded from the ‘Teaching activities’ page.  

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